Vinyl Decals

For the DIY'er. we offer vinyl decals in sizes measuring from 1" up to 6".  These can be made of a single layer of vinyl or layered for a more detailed look.  Our decals are cut from Oracal 651 vinyl, the "outdoor"vinyl. Many colors and patterns are available.  For best results we recommend cleaning the surface of the item where the decal will be applied with rubbing alcohol to remove dust and oil from fingerprints.  Allow 2-3 days after applying the decal for the vinyl to "cure".  Anything that needs to be washed must be hand washed only. Decals should not be placed where food will touch. Please refer to the Vinyl Colors Button at the top of the Home Page for color choices.  New colors and patterns may be added at any time. Also refer to the Monogram Styles and Font Styles Buttons for selections. 

Note: Sizes are based on the height of the decal.  If the decal is going on a specific item, please send us the measurements so we can size the decal to fit. If unsure, please ask.

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